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I sometimes struggle with refocusing some of the purposes of my life. I’m not entirely sure if that’s a matter of my inner nature, fuelled by melancholy, or just because of the shitty times. Maybe a mix of both made me loose interest in publishing what I write about.

I’m about to leave for a long trip, and maybe it’s time to face also this thing: my blog. I stopped not for lack of content but for 60% lack of time and 40% abundance of sadness that my words won’t reach a destination.

So I made the childish decision ever, and stop writing. Actually, stop posting. I kept writing, mostly on paper. I lost focus, but I am gradually give it a try again, in mind the idea that a new purpose will resurface and the feeling of satisfaction will warm my heart again.

I had a guest staying with me in August, and I brought him to one of my special place in Berlin. We were blessed with warm days, that specific Sunday was however stormy and windy. I captured families enjoying the wind, and I felt a special connection with the surroundings. Here some shots of that day, enjoy.




DSCN7009 copy




Spring 2015 – Favourites

Hello lovely people.
I’m back to talk about my seasonal favourites, spanning through music, film, radio and much more.

This Spring ran too fast. I got obsessed over few songs, that are included in my playlist. I couldn’t find great movie, though. Or game-changing books to be honest. I stayed more outdoors, so podcasts were much preferred. I also negletted the blog, big time, soz.

Well, let’s start with the favourites, let me know what you think.

Enjoy and bring joy with you, always.




On the Playlist:

in the playlist

P.S.: For the romantic souls out there, listen to the last song, it’s a live, and the musician explains the story behind the song *hearts hearts hearts*


I bought a plant of Leontopodium alpinum, maybe better known as edelweiss, the alpine flower that for me it’s typical to see in my mountains. Sometimes you can’t escape your origins, and the flowers are a great reminder of those beautiful places.



As I said before, nothing much has caught my interest in the past three month, and ongoing. Am I getting too old and choosy to find a movie great, or was this Spring a low season in terms of great movies? I am not into science fiction and revival of the 90s, maybe that’s my problem. Anyway:

Short Term 12 is the one I still remember. I loved it. Simple as that.

It’s a secret how I am attracted to teen comedies. I watched Adult Word and kinda enjoyed it. It’s not great, but enjoyable if you are alone one night, have to wake up early the next day, and just need something to watch. Gosh, that’s being a film critic, you reckon?

The chick from Ruby Sparks picks the movies to be in with a criteria. I still haven’t figured out if it’s a winning pick, because it’s always something a bit indie, but also a bit loser-ish. Your choice. I kinda enjoyed, at least enough to put it here: In Your Eyes.


I read some crappy rom novel by British authors. I am not even giving the titles out, not worthy. But these books work the magic with me to keep me awake while traveling and flying, and helps me keeping up with the British slang. The plots are so fabricated though. Despite everything, I suggest to read them if you are not English native, needs something that is not a magazine while travelling (aka when you have no internet). A little tip, I usually buy them on Amazon, you can find used copies for 50cent! (it’s more the delivery, but you can get a book for 3,50 Euro, less than a mag!)


2 suggestions for your ears, minds and souls.

Reply All is the first podcast production at Gimlet Media, that I spoke about last time about Startup Podcast (by the way, season 2 of Startup is really really nice, really worthy!). At beginning I wasn’t much into this podcast, just because it’s not my fave topic, but I must admit it’s grown on me. The best episode I guess it’s Exit and Return (there is a part 1 and 2).

The second podcast I recommend is a special one: Radio Diaries, short stories about ordinary and extra-ordinary people. It’s an intimate, deep podcast. I suggest to give it a go with the episode #31 Fly Girls, it’s one of my favourites.

Tv series

I am pretty much hooked up with Wayward Pines.  Yes, it’s sci-fi, and the last time I liked sci-fi was 20 years ago with X-Files I guess, but I like how W.P.’s mystery goes along with the plot. It’s about a Secret Service agent who wakes up in a remote mountain village after a car accident while investigating on the disappearance of two other colleagues. The village has a peculiar thing: people can’t leave it. But why? Watch it!


Time for some introspection. John Monson is ideal for the role. It’s simple abstract art with a splash of colour. And you might know how much I love colours.  Check his portfolio out:



In April I visited for the first part an amazing German island on the Baltic Sea, Ruegen. I will talk about that amazing weekend soon on this blog, I promise!


See you next time!

København. Snippets.

During the last cold weekend of winter I spent 48h in Copenhagen. It was delightful. And freezing.


I had a great time testing a Fuji X100. I wasn’t enough experienced to always calibrate the right light, but in the end I preferred not to modify the pictures in post production, to keep the genuine state (or mistake) of art.

Here some snippets of the trip, enjoy.

DSCF1629 copy













One subtitled heretic movie in the afternoon

I studied arts during uni, but not the kind of talented arts you’re thinking. I am no artist, but I liked and still do history and words and knowledge, so when it was time to pick classes, I took an Arts and Media direction. During the course of three years I studied many interesting things, I still remember a three month immersion in the world of jazz music for example, but I also found out during that time that for living I could watch every movie possible, every one I wanted, with no limitation. I actually found out there that most of the times the limitations that I thought I had were coming from the inside, from myself.

For the first time I saw that the potential was infinite, if the willing would have started from me.

So I watched as many movies as possible, and at least twice per week, I used to skip class and head to the cinema for the first screenings, at 3 or 4pm, with a very cheap student ticket. There are few people going to the cinema so early, especially in a relatively small city in Italy. I remember the pleasure of having an entire room and screening by myself, changing seat whenever I felt to. It was inebriating. I remember also when I watched Brokeback Mountain, until the last second I thought I was alone in an empty cinema. Then two aged ladies came in. For my surprise one of them was blind. You can imagine how the screening went. From drama the movie turned in kind of comedy, at times into a boring voiced-off documentary. Every scene, every action was carefully explained with a slow, loud voice to the blind lady by her trusty friend. The blind lady conveniently answered every description with a comment, because of course people, opinions matter. I believe they had no idea what the movie was about, because I hardly hold myself to not burst in laughters when the two protagonists started getting closer and closer. The talking lady at a certain point described a scene in the tent as “they are starting doing impure stuff”, with the other one “ oh no, oh no, that’s disgraceful”. That was the best moment of the movie indeed, from my seat and liberal point of view. Those two catholic ladies made my day, in a certain way. I watched a movie tonight and the last song on the soundtrack reminded me of that verbally-subtitled Brokeback Mountain’s movie. I hope I cracked a smile with this story. Go listen to the song, think of the infinite possibilities and potential you can get from this strange life and from yourself. And listen to the song here below.

Winter 2015 – Favourites


Hello lovely people.

I’m back to talk about my seasonal favourites, spanning through music, film, radio and much more.

For this 2015 I decided to explore the topic “Playlist” on a different level, not anymore on a monthly basis, but based on the seasons, on each colours, weather and events that happen along the way. This winter has been unusual, cold and grey, but snow lacked, for my disappointment. Spring came with a windy week of clear sky and sun, here in Berlin. Quite a blessing, culminated with the solar eclipse on March 20th, equinox day, what a show.

Well, let’s start with the favourites, let me know what you think.

Enjoy and bring joy with you, always. 




In this playlist you can find:

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 16.16.25


You can tell it’s January in Berlin when you can find the first narcissuses and tulips and more in every supermarket. I love them! such a colourful presence in my flat. I personally like to buy myself a nice posy, to display in my bedroom. It’s a lovely feeling to wake up and see flowers, indeed!



I watched Song One because of the beautiful presence of singer songwriter Johnny Flynn and a great soundtrack. Despite the music, the movie itself is meh, I must admit, so maybe skip the movie and go listen to the OST.

I also watched Birdman since it won the Oscars, and I can tell that it’s an excellent movie, but I simply can’t explain how Boyhood didn’t bring the statue home. Seriously I can’t wrap my head around it.

I ended up watching Still Alice a Saturday night that I was home alone. I generally liked the idea, and Julianne Moore really studied the pathology before playing the role, but what a weird way to roll the narrative, highlighting things that would not necessarily be highlighted (Husband cheating? Kids’ daily drama?)…Dunno. Not impressed in the end. I have also to say I really dislike the choice of letting a saltless actress like Kristen Stewart such an important character?

Whiplash wowed me. What a great, cruel movie about music and jazz. It reminded me of a past boyfriend practising jazz until his hands bleed. It’s true that that kind of practice makes you a fierce human being. Sometimes a bit of a superior asshole too. And then, well, there’s my homie Miles Teller. I always watch and support him, he’s finally starting to move forward shitty blockbusters and work with his talent for nicer, more meaningful scripts.


The beast is back.

And it’s scary.

And intense.

And simply great.


I want to suggest you StartUp, from Gimlet Media. At the beginning I thought that the podcast was a spin-off like Serial of TAL (I spoke about my devotion for this podcast and host Ira Glass last year) bur it’s something different. I really liked the story telling and the genuine enthusiasm and tender naivety to the business world, while he is approaching to start his own business.

If you want to give it a go listen here to the first episode and download the rest of the podcast from

Tv series

Pretty good stuff during the past months!

The last man on Earth premiered in early March and it’s a nice mix of comedy and drama. Rather enjoyable!

I’m a big fan of The Americans, something that has been growing slowly but steady on me. Season 3 is delightful, very recommended!

Broadchurch, series 2, was something not to miss. The big flaw is to last only few episodes. Can’t wait for season 3.

I am also following Suits and The Good Wife, and of course I watched season 3 of House of Cards.

So much to watch!


It must be a photo from my recent trip to wonderful Kop.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

DSCF1651 copy

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia turned out to be the best option for a quiet, yet insightful, weekend between the feasts of Christmas time and NYE. I drove for about 4 hours on a sunny, cold day, enjoying the view I have in front of me. From North Italy to Slovenia, passing by Trieste and its crazy wind, the panorama changed drastically: from a sleepy countryside, to rocky sweet hills and then mountains, valleys and villages with a red-roofed church nestled in the snow.


My first surprise was to realise how versatile Slovenia is. I only knew it for the short coastline, similar to Croatia. It’s, instead, a delightful mountain country, similar in some ways to Austria with balkan accents, running to the Mediterranean Sea.

Check MUST-SEE PLACES IN SLOVENIA, as perfectly summed up on TRIPOSO

The time frame to visit Ljubljana, a pure gem, in a weekend is simply perfect.


You get the time to explore the centre, the castle, its museum and the panoramic tower, to eat in some delicious restaurants ( I personally recommend Julija Restaurant and the über-romantic Restavracija Špajza), and enjoy the spas.

Many hotels offer swimming pool and saunas, if you are on a more low-budget there is a public pool and sauna not far away from the city centre called Atlantis (in Summer Ljubljana’s water park).



Don’t forget to have a boat experience, it’s a 30min ride for 5Euro, great especially if the weather is not the best (and to chat with locals).




… Slovenia, I’ll be back, for sure.

P.S. I still need to solve the problem of my broken camera, ending up being the idiot who takes picture with a crappy mobile. My apologies. And yes, I do accept donations to buy a new camera.

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