HK – take four

There was a song about Aberdeen, right?

I don’t remember the melody, nor the lyrics, but someone sang about that Scottish city, up there in the green. Before HK I didn’t even know there was also Aberdeen down there, to be honest. But it’s just at the other side of the island, one bus, a tropical forest in the middle, you’ll find it.



Places of interest? Not so many, especially during monsoon.

Tourist stuff? Dunno, There is an aqua park, but in Summer.

Remarkable things to see? Nope, at least not in my knowledge. A science centre, maybe? I saw some traffic signals. But we saw a very big cemetery.

DSCN4346 DSCN4348

Are you asking yourself why on Earth I went there?

Because so.

Because why not.

Because from the moment I got off the bus, I, a very white gal, realised I was the only white one among locals. It’s an incredible, beautiful, humble feeling.



Tin Hau Temple


Because I had an authentic Chinese food in a tipsy-wipsy smelling damn good tavern; everything tasted so bloody good and I could enjoy also a local soap opera on tv with all the people there. They were extremely kind with us, non-speaking hungry aliens. It was a great communion of sharing.

chinese food(sorry, I don’t take pictures before eating, I usually just eat and then remember to take it)

Impressive experience, just 30 minutes away from HK financial centre.

P.S. my travel guide smelled of fry for weeks.


HK – take three

Kowloon bound.

Because when you are in Central or Wanchai, yes you get it, but in a way you don’t get the real mental mess inside HK. Fact.

Cross the canal in a ferry, enjoy the smell of napalm in the morning and boom!, give up finding a meaning in, well, everything. Except in the concept (pardon the close assonance) “buy-sell”, because profit and consume are never intrinsically obscure.

*Insert your add here! For free for the first 1/29 of the month!!*


Famous Tourist Spot: Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade.

Street markets, psychics, fake Rolex, cheaper phones like rain, cocktails, clothes, foot massage and food. Yeah Food.


Food to take hipster pictures at, sushi box for 30HK$ to snack off, but also an entire restaurant to rob. Yeah food.


In Kowloon the shopping experience is full of lights and screams and, despite the fact it might remind of a Saturday afternoon in a Western mall – and believe me I’ll never forget the police coming to the Bullring in Brum and intervening to help people get in and out the mall-, it is all more chaotic and so weirdly peculiar. It must be the humidity, or maybe I am writing on behalf of my hair.


Hey sexy, call me, maybe?



Peeps, lights, traffic, humidity. Want something else, Sir?


I liked the reverse feeling when inside Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden. Wow, I think I should just let the pictures speak. There is lots to say, grasping not to be moved by the contrast religion/man and monastery/neighbourhood. The pouring rain for once was helping: by far one of the most majestic place I have ever been to.




A whimsical soaking-wet experience, indeed.