2017 will be remembered as a year of back and forth, Germany – Italy – Germany, better only to a Word Cup match between the two teams.

I managed anyway to land on some amazing trips:

  • Marrakesh, happy chaos to celebrate my birthday
  • Trekking in the mountains, my ultimate pleasure, especially if it’s cloudy
  • Bordeaux, a charming place I for sure didn’t want to leave!
  • My stopover in Lisbon, Portugal, was a dream come true…
  • Seville, friendship and a heatwave – a chapter you don’t want to miss out
  • I ticked something off from my bucket list when I went to witness a concert at dawn in the Alps 😍
  • CHILE was absolutely the highlight of my year. I managed to squeeze in one week only the central region, but I frankly left a piece of my heart there