Marco Bellotto Sept 2013

When it come to travels, sometimes waiting is the most difficult thing to do.

I would describe 2015 like this, in the waiting area, ready for adventures.

Except a birthday trip to Copenhagen, absolutely beautiful despite the prices and the frozen weather, I spent time working to buy a new camera, I took some of the last pictures with my beloved Nikon – some results on a stormy day here – and I then planned for the biggest trip ever around SEA.

“Cuz on Tour”:

1. The tour starts from a terrace in Bangkok, during a monsoon, where I wrote the PREQUEL

2. The Singapore Trilogy:

– something new and unexpected: THE HAZE

– something magical: THE TROPICAL FOREST

– something touristy: TOP PLACES TO VISIT 

3. Kuala Lumpur is something other, believe me

4. Colours, stairs and monkeys during our mandatory trip to BATU CAVES

5. I simply loved the day I spent in MELAKA, storm included!

6. Phuket can be summed up in:

– those disturbing but aesthetically pleasing WIRES

– the brutality in PATONG

7. In 9 out of 21 days of travel, Bangkok become almost home to us:


SHUTTERS, a photo album

GRAND PALACE, a must go

TOP PLACES to visit

THE RIVER, a photo album