Oh well… where to start…

2016 was DA BOMB for travels! I scored a total of 37 flights and some of my travels are yet to be documented here, due to an overdose of photographs I took and emotions I felt.

For those trips I put on paper, let’s have a recall, shall we?

  • Bratislava was cold (well, it was a snowy January after all), small but charming. Food was great too!
  • Bergamo with the fog, a suggestive photo album in the night.
  • If you like winter in the Baltic sea, you will love what I saw in Lübeck!
  • Brandenburg is a region known for its wonderful forests, but what about a castle?
  • Hong Kong baby, the big return!
  • Turin is lovely to capture with a b/w camera, better if the camera is not yours
  • Time to head to France for some needed art-wine-and-friends weekend in, mais oui, Paris
  • A little work trip to Rome let me explore a buzzing area  called Pigneto
  • And then comes Malta, in a magic trilogy: The Island, Valletta and Mdina
  • The Devil’s Bridge was something completely out of ordinary!
  • Belgium for the summer, worth a two posts: it’s all about Bruxelles, Bruges and Ghent
  • Desmontagada home bound, a mountain tradition: the cow parade
  • When hungry of good food and good friends head to Romagna!
  • Last stop, a sunny weekend in Palermo