The Unbearable Lightness of Being in Paris

Ah Paris!

What more resounding and compelling than being in Paris? I mean, it’s Paris! A city as cute as arrogant… and a city of and for artists and lovers!

My ingredients to a perfect weekend in Paris were:

  • my bestie along
  • a wonderful art exhibition to attend
  • cute guys walking in the streets (how can they be so many?)
  • incredible sunsets
  • wine(s)
  • other alcoholic beverages for the necessary socialising during ‘aperitif’ time
  • croissants
  • entrecôte avec pommes!! 😀


The weekend was a pretext to see the wonderful exhibition at Centre Pompidou about Anselm Kiefer, my favourite artist (someone familiar with my blog might recognise the name…). It was a great event, bravo to Pompidou for organising it.


Paris is really a lovely city. It really makes you feel in love. Nevertheless when it rains, the water pouring down on your head is kinda poetic too. The sun popped out on Sunday, these are some of my favourite shots from that day…






And of course, there’s her…



Au revoir!

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