Eventful year…maybe not in terms of travelling. I stayed in Europe, for family and business. I didn’t regret it at all 🙂 … here is a summary of where I found a new direction or solace or inspiration.

"Viaggiare" by Marco Bellotto

“Viaggiare” by Marco Bellotto


PARIS. I decided to celebrate my birthday with a getaway weekend to Paris. Best decision ever, culminated with sunshine, city wandering, art, and delicious food. Some highlights:

I went to Cimetière du Père Lachaise, to say hi to Chopin

I walked along Canal San Martin, so hip, and had a marvellous brunch.

-How not to love cette ville, it’s stinking cute! For some newbies and oldies: I wrote a nice list of spot-on activities to do while in Paris, check it out: https://valanzo.com/weekend-in-paris/


OSLO. You are always one of my favourite cities, hands down. I wrote already about my Norway and my Oslo, so this time I focussed on new places in town that I think are really cool, places I deffo suggest to check out if you are in town.

– Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri

– Henie-Onstad Art Center (HOK)

– Vigelandsanlegget at Frogner Park


BASEL. City of contemporary art, dip in the Rhein River, friendship and 3 languages in one. Enjoy:

Art Baselhttps://valanzo.com/art-basel/

Parallel Exhibitions and the city vibeshttps://valanzo.com/art-basel-parallel-exhibitions/


SALZBURG AND SALZKAMMERGUT. A baroque city, its mountains in the summertime, and the Austrian romantic Lake Region. What a weekend I experienced!

SALZBURG, highly recommended!

– St. Wolfgang, romantic and perfect to jump into the lake: https://valanzo.com/salzkammergut-st-wolfgang/

– Hallstatt, a breath-taking jewel: https://valanzo.com/salzkammergut-hallstatt

– Gmunden area, and the real reason behind my trip: https://valanzo.com/salzkammergut-gmunden/


LONDON. After 2 years, I was back to my old crib. Battling the memories and making new ones, rejoining old friends and finding new ones, a week there was a good way to feel British again. Cheers.

– I left some impressions here: https://valanzo.com/london-snippets/

– One of the best exhibitions ever: Anselm Kiefer


LJUBLJANA… A snowy getaway after Christmas: https://valanzo.com/2015/02/18/ljubljana-slovenia/


Now, you know that I am endlessly in love with BERLIN, the place I call home. And you may have understood that I get “cray cray” about art. Let’s combine the two things, shall we?

– life is a frozen movie Berlinale Mitte

– free music in the streets Staatoper für alle!

– we are so multi-kulti! Karneval der Kulturen

– that time Berlin was part of a sky art… Otto Piene. More Sky

– … and that other time Berlin got political German Reunification

– an exhibit to say goodbye to Neue Nationalgalerie

– magnificent event, Lichtgrenze

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