Castle Hunting in Brandenburg

I tend to get a bit unbiased when it comes to visit castles.

As much I love the fascination of an old castle, I always snob them, preferring towers and modern high buildings, or museums. But I got convinced to do something unusual of a lazy winter weekend, persuaded especially by the nice opportunity to drive a car, something exotic in Berlin.

The destination was the town of Rheinsberg, between Berlin and Hamburg (more Berlin than Hamburg, but quite in the middle of nowhere). A cute town with a charming lake, Grienericksee, and an even charming Renaissance palace. Even the cold weather seemed charming.

Rheinsberg Palace was home to Frederick the Great’s teen years, said to be the happiest years of his life here when he was “just” Crown Prince. What struck me most where three rooms of the palace:

  • The dancing room
  • A bedroom with Renaissance taste
  • An oriental living room downstairs with the most beautiful Chinese tapestry I’ve ever seen

I wasn’t much into the history of people living there…my bad. But in the end I took some nice pics that I am going to share here with you. If you want to read more about the castle, Frederick and his siblings, Prussia and more start from:

It took a nerd with an old-fashioned tasted friend to take me to Rheinsberg, but hey it was a lovely trip in the end.








The nerd and the photographer.