Brackets 2015

I sometimes struggle with refocusing some of the purposes of my life. I’m not entirely sure if that’s a matter of my inner nature, fuelled by melancholy, or just because of the shitty times. Maybe a mix of both made me loose interest in publishing what I write about.

I’m about to leave for a long trip, and maybe it’s time to face also this thing: my blog. I stopped not for lack of content but for 60% lack of time and 40% abundance of sadness that my words won’t reach a destination.

So I made the childish decision ever, and stop writing. Actually, stop posting. I kept writing, mostly on paper. I lost focus, but I am gradually give it a try again, in mind the idea that a new purpose will resurface and the feeling of satisfaction will warm my heart again.

I had a guest staying with me in August, and I brought him to one of my special place in Berlin. We were blessed with warm days, that specific Sunday was however stormy and windy. I captured families enjoying the wind, and I felt a special connection with the surroundings. Here some shots of that day, enjoy.




DSCN7009 copy