Citizen of my World

My mind, my broad imagination have always travelled, even before I physically started doing it.
I am a classic example of daydreamer, with the peculiar exception that I can produce vivid, almost real thoughts. The attention for details should be awarded.
I don’t think it’s craziness, a privilege instead. In fact, growing up, I had the chance to travel with my imagination thanks to the tv or pictures, or even walking to school and staring at that gigantic tree next to the church, Lebanon I had been told. Click, trip started: hot dry weather, a burning bright, smell of spices and I, gracefully dressed in silk. No doubts, we are always prettier in dreams!
Richer times came and so real travels.
From the first cheeky funny up-all-night Summer holidays with my friends, to the first holiday as a couple with former lovers, to finally the trips alone. I am trying to experience the world, living it in order to get inspiration. I haven’t been to many places yet, I am always a poor do-it-by-yourself person, but those I visited I always enjoyed and watched with a curious, getting-rid-of-cliches point of view, as much as possible.
I have some spare time next months and am going to write about my trips in Europe along 2012, with some pics I took. My target was “One European trip every month”, courtesy of low cost flights.


My background picture is an installation/artwork I saw in Lyon, Biennale d’Art Contemporain, last November.