Hannover and the fog

Ok, so this is the post about Hannover.

Well, I went, stayed for a good 6 hours, came home.

Unimpressed, right?

Sorry, it was the general feeling I got while there. And a sense of frustration too, because I think I might have miss the opportunity to enjoy the trip more, if only… actually, I don’t really know the missing part.

I went once to Hannover, but merely to change train, I even didn’t get out of the station. Last month I went for real, to meet an Italian friend who was there kinda by accident. Since I love the expression “by accident”- it sounds so magical and romantic- I decided to join her. I took benefit by Mitfahrgelegenheit again, and jumped into a car owned by a lovely couple, who drove surprisingly carefully..and slow. I was fine with it, except the fact I was on the back seat with other 2 pop girls, grilling on the window kissed by sun (read sweating) and trying to ignore the swine flu one of the Iphone dependent gal was not-so-gracefully caring (read how come you are still alive with that cough?) in that tiny sealed cubicle.

I wish I didn’t hate the sun, because Hannover was so grey, foggy and dull I genuinely laughed. Mid-May and a poop weather, cheers. It wasn’t the usual reassuring grey I’m used in Berlin but a very wintery, annoyingly humid grey. And cold too.

The city center was basically divided in old town center and shopping area. Very practical, but I didn’t see a smooth integration of the two. I really enjoyed taking pictures around Altes Rathaus but I was reflex-free so my poor mobile wasn’t working great with all that grey and dark going on.





Nice is Mashpark, next to the Town Hall, with lake and animals. There I got closed with the inhabitants, and shared a meal with them. We had great conversation about Hannover, the average climate and philosophy.


IMAG2393We were both anthropologically optimists!

The most enjoyable thing was to meet my friend and have a quality time with her, after months just talking remote (but thank you Skype); I got so many good vibration just by her company and stories, it reminded me of the energy I had and need to polish out again. Another nice thing I really liked of that afternoon was the break from the fog (fizzy hair, argh!) in the nicest Cafe for coffee and cakes..Yum!



I think I was basically happy to visit the city, but quite unimpressed by it. Maybe the missing part was what’s beyond the fog.. weather, maybe next time better, will you?