December Highlights!

No matter what, time runs fast.

In times of pain or sorrow, it seems slowing down a bit, but it is just our perception, in the end. Time doesn’t matter of you, of you needs, of your way of living or acting. Like nature, it goes on its own way. I have come to ignore, then acknowledge, then like time, because of it’s natural bluntness. Move straight forward, do not ever stop.

So, as my last blog post of the year is approaching the “published” status, I am going to say goodbye to a hard, intense 2014, pretty much ready to start 2015 with less fear and more conviction. I hope you are going too, and many other good feelings and great dispositions.

My usual December Highlights might just be a short post, this time, but music can’t miss. This is my last playlist, I hope you’ll like it.

From a frozen, lonely world I salute you.

Fare thee weel, thou first and fairest! Fare thee weel, thou best and dearest! Thine be ilka joy and treasure, peace, enjoyment, love, and pleasure!

-Ae Fond Kiss-

Enjoy and bring joy with you, always.


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