[Brackets] Blurry Dots

Hey, I am back.

I come with good and bad news…

I can devote some time this week to work on pictures from my big trips to Cambodia, Thailand and Taiwan (end of 2015 and 2016, I know, long due) so.. yay! Expect some new blog posts bursting out very soon.

The bad news though is that my beloved camera, heavily featured on this blog since 2015, is currently sick and the focus won’t work. And for me, as it was for The Smiths, it’s like having a girlfriend in a coma, and I know I know, it’s serious.

I have been nonstop travelling in January and February, and getting blurry images that, far from perfection, are interesting the same in my very humble opinion.





Soho, London4

New York7

Until next time with a properly fixed camera!


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