Le petit madeleine – Music version

For those who love movies, the recurrent dream is to be the protagonist in an epic film. Eventually with happy endings and lots of great action involved.
A vital matter of this movie must be the music; have you ever watched something and enjoyed its climax, like a kiss, a celebration, a goodbye, without soundtrack? Nope.
A special scene would not appear the same without music, so life, my life, without music.
I’ve started inking memories with songs back to childhood when I used to consume my parents’ vinyls and my uncle’s tapes. I must admit I’ve always been a huge fan of tapes instead of vinyl, I guess due to my goofiness or my recent anti-hipstery, but there’s nothing better than the sound of the silence in a vinyl. It is really part of the binary code inside music. And I do miss silence with the new technology.
As you can feel, I speak about music and I let my melancholic side to write; I couldn’t help it, there’s no other way to enjoy music than make it mine, many times I connect it to episodes, feelings..history, my personal movie indeed.
Back to university I learnt the word “fruition”, the act of enjoying works of art. During the adventures of the following year, whenever inspiration will occur, I am going to talk about “petite madelaine de la musique”, old and new souvenirs/fruition moments coming from that treasure called “listen to music”. First story is coming pretty soon.
Too banal to end with a stay tuned? Yes, but bear with me. And stay tuned.