January, 1st 2014


2014’s Eve had almost everything I would want to carry along this year of personal changes I feel already inside me. It started with fireworks – the popular, transitory grandeur in our darkness – and some drinks in company..


There was a smile of a true friend, a good morning, a stroll along cemeteries of fun from the past night…

And then, there was the time to feed the soul with art.




Outside everything was quiet, like a fresh Sunday morning indeed.


Another museum tries to battle my melancholic state of mind.. It’s the view of a kid pretending to write notes about Modern Art that dropped me back to reality, again with a smile.


A moment, just a glimpse to get lost in the faces on the walls. Corridors became an arena of good feelings and memories of my studies..




Empty stairs anticipate my next travel; it will be long, silent, sometimes scary but full of thoughts and, hopefully, ideas to develop and love to nourish.


During my way back, tiredness was kicking hard, so was my need to create. It was on one side of the road, in a cold, cold German night that I saw countless stars. I remembered my father, who once taught me all the constellations, and it was a pretty lovely view, moreover memory. Around me, in the parking area, other lonely souls like mine were resting a bit, enjoying some fresh -freezing- air. Cold helps to collect the threads of your mind, to get conclusions.

So this is mine:

January, 1st 2014 was a day to remember. I have lots of new ideas and projects and I can’t wait to show something here. I am alive, breathing, smiling and I just keep walking. You’ll find me at your side whenever you want to look in that direction.


The starlight in the morning

I have lots of boosting-up songs, ready-to-take-from-the-magic-hat-called-Ipod pearls, but this one is related to a big moment of my life.
I somewhere wrote about my teeny tiny passion for football; to be fair sports in general, but football is one of the fondest. This time I am going to talk about a song, football and me.
Whistle..let’s go.

I woke up, every muscle aching like hell. The side effect of sleeping on the backseat of a small car. I didn’t know what time it was but the first thing I did, bar the pain, was to smile.
You could see and count all the teeth, to be precise.
The car was parked in a parking lot next to a small playground, and you could see people starting going to work; I didn’t have a precise idea of what time it was, but the light was very bright that morning in July.
It was less than 24 hours from our decision. There are times you just have to let yourself in an adventure, moved by a firm perception, by a je-ne-sais-quoi that makes your idea crazy, hell yeah crazy, but convincing at the same time. The decision was to leave everything we were supposed to do that day, take the car and drive for a good 5 to 6 hours. Destination? Munich. Yes Germany.
So, football, Munich, Germany, July. I’ll add a year too: 2006.
Got it?
It was on early July 4th 2006 that we decided to drive to Germany and watch the semifinal Germany- Italy on German soil with German people. Thousands of them, to be precise…
We were absolutely convinced we were going to win. Absolutely, more convinced than the Pope about his faith. We also spent the afternoon in a Biergarten, me sweating over my dressing up in polyester like an Italian player, and drank and basically being mocked by anybody.
Well, we won. And we celebrate like hell, while around sad crying faces.
The next morning, ecstasy of glory. And so, with all the muscles aching and adrenaline still running, we had a change of clothes (ignoring hygienic civilised standards) and then breakfast, while screaming the song. Everything in the car on a parking lot in Munich center, very student budget.
Guys, we didn’t care, Italy was in the finals, but we had our final ourselves by betting in this adventure. The lyrics claimed:
“My life, you electrify my life”
The song was “Starlight” by Muse and this is the best memory I have of World Cup 2006, with my ‘hopes and expectations, black holes and revelations’.