The Palermo Affair…

As I self-describe myself, I’m a Nordic creature. I am very used, and much in love, with the peace given by following the rules, getting all tucked up in layers, and being surrounded by green and blu sceneries, especially if gifted, from time to time, by white snowflakes.

I know, I sound like a broken record and every time I travel south I start blabbering about it, but desert somehow makes me uncomfortable. I have, anyhow, found the perfect balance when I travel during autumn and winter time to southern locations, such as I did with Palermo.

It turned out to be a delightful weekend, marked in my memories to come “The Palermo Affair”.

So much to tell. First, people are vocal, loud and generally happier than the people I met in northern Italy. How come, since the city is, in fact, a tropical mess? The walks ups and downs the city center made me believe that it’s a mix of factors, such as the sun – less aggressive this time of the year – and the food that make the difference.

Hey, it’s for sure not roses and unicorns, lots of houses and streets are just broken and decadent, you can tell the majority doesn’t live a pretty rich life, and some parts leaves you with a sense of unsafeness, but for some aspects, it looked a nice place to spend holiday, maybe also to live for a bit.

Second thing, the landing was in one of the most impressive set ever, between a mountain and the sea. So peculiar, so lovely.

Another thing I noticed was the unusually high number of shops for male clothing, that you can combine with the fact that men are quite attentive – and again vocal -to women, you get the idea that Sicily is still pretty much a male-based community… I can hear Trump cheering.

On the bad note, I spoke with some of them, especially at the restaurants where I had incredibly-good-but-overpriced fresh fish, and they all told me I do not look Italian. So they were applying the price for foreigners.

Anyhow, I spent two days roaming around the streets, visiting the x wonderful baroque churches, visiting the street markets, eating yummy fish and soaking up under the sun at the harbour. It was a positive getaway weekend, indeed.

Remember me to go more often to a seaside city. The sea is food for soul.











Deutschland right in the middle


Nürnberg is a stunning piece of Germany, since the first time I visited the city I talked about it whenever asked why I find this country so beautiful and intense to choose to live in.


The perfect getaway for a weekend, I find Altstadt, the city centre contoured by the walls, a damn romantic area to walk around. Churches and squares creates the perfect balance along with the river passing by in the middle and its bridges.


View an der Fleischbrücke

Shops and Cafes, the centre is happily buzzing with people and activities..

..After the main square, Marktplatz, it gets hilly and your breath shorter; it’s the sign you’re reaching the fortress, where a perfect view and location offer the cheeky occasion to kiss your beloved one in an unique panorama.


The view


Fortess Garden

Close to the fortress a lovely square hosts Dürer’s house, an artist I always admired back in my arts studies, especially because of his importance in connecting Italian and German arts, moreover for his graphic artworks. The tour guide explained us how a citizen here used to show the ‘status/richness’ by building stone walls instead of bricks-wood. The more floors made of stones, the merrier/richer. Dürer had only 2 levels, I would have given him at least 3 for importance.


Back to the days, Nürnberg was a city of Kaisers, kings and servants and the Pope was never so welcome, not by chance Hitler chose it as neuralgic point: its location, the center of Germany, its history…Shortly the city became a pulsing spot of this dark time, with its culmination during the the Nuremberg Trials. Also this part of history is not to miss while there.

Lighter topic: my top spot was by far Trödelmarkt area!




Extra point also for Weißgerbergasse, stunning!


I’ll end this description with a personal event: I was visiting St. Sebald Church when on a bench I found a memory card. 8GB. Like the lottery. I waited for someone to claim it, church filled with people, nobody came. So I took it and fantasised for 2 entire days about its content: I was so sorry someone lost it but at the same time so happy to see moments of some strangers who were in the same day in Nürnberg with me. Maybe I could see the rest of their holidays, maybe a birthday celebration, maybe a trekking in the nature or some cheeky selfies. I was pretty excited to escape with my mind while peeking in somebody else’s shoes.

Gutted at the end, the memory card was empty. But lucky me, I had some personal good memories of this wonderful city in Bayern!