January, 1st 2014


2014’s Eve had almost everything I would want to carry along this year of personal changes I feel already inside me. It started with fireworks – the popular, transitory grandeur in our darkness – and some drinks in company..


There was a smile of a true friend, a good morning, a stroll along cemeteries of fun from the past night…

And then, there was the time to feed the soul with art.




Outside everything was quiet, like a fresh Sunday morning indeed.


Another museum tries to battle my melancholic state of mind.. It’s the view of a kid pretending to write notes about Modern Art that dropped me back to reality, again with a smile.


A moment, just a glimpse to get lost in the faces on the walls. Corridors became an arena of good feelings and memories of my studies..




Empty stairs anticipate my next travel; it will be long, silent, sometimes scary but full of thoughts and, hopefully, ideas to develop and love to nourish.


During my way back, tiredness was kicking hard, so was my need to create. It was on one side of the road, in a cold, cold German night that I saw countless stars. I remembered my father, who once taught me all the constellations, and it was a pretty lovely view, moreover memory. Around me, in the parking area, other lonely souls like mine were resting a bit, enjoying some fresh -freezing- air. Cold helps to collect the threads of your mind, to get conclusions.

So this is mine:

January, 1st 2014 was a day to remember. I have lots of new ideas and projects and I can’t wait to show something here. I am alive, breathing, smiling and I just keep walking. You’ll find me at your side whenever you want to look in that direction.


About Pompeii and Flight Delay

It’s quite recent, but already stamped on the memory, memorabilia like.

I was on a plane, the biggest plane this Earth knows: Airbus A380. Economy, next to a window, I was pretty excited from the selection onscreen: movies, tv-series, news and music. So much music you can travel the entire globe once or twice. Thank you Emirates.

For my great pleasure I found Bastille’s album. I think their pop music is fresh and brilliant, kind of everyone’s cuppa tea without being too pretending. Quality product, anyway.

While I started the listening, the captain made the announcement to explain about the one hour delay we were having, gracefully telling us there was a trouble on the panel board whatever, and engineers must have taken a good look at it to fix it. Oh no…It must be karma or irony, but after a good 6 hour flight, followed by an infamous 5 hour await, I was expected to travel the other 7 hours in a pretty nice shape, by eating, speaking, listening to the music and not adding additional time sat on a comfy but small sized spot.  Maybe even by sleeping. Oh bugger.

It’s part of the package, when you travel, unexpected things happen. Just take the best out of it. Well I tried. I fuelled my cheeky soul with a fine gin and tonic, courtesy of a nice flight attendant, I took pictures of people next to me, not impressed by my act, at least the half that was awake, since the rest of them were Asians wrapped in their blankets not moving a single muscle, very impressive to watch. I also did a pretty good impression as Emirates flight attendant, taking a silly sneaky pic. Note I was awaken for 30 hours..


I was there with my partner in crime and we were absolutely tired but hey, we are hilarious together, imagine when we are shattered. We both knew the song and started a lovely jam session, and people around didn’t seem so fussing about it.

That’s one of the best memory of my flight in the biggest aircraft and about the longest time on board: 11 hours.

Thanks Jupiter we had Pompeii with us.

An adult in the basement

My best friend turned 30 last week. He’s become a man.

He’s married and working to help and improve this society. He has big big heart, a cheeky smile similar to mine, a goofy walk. His voice is low and calm, he likes people and people like him.

I haven’t seen him since his ‘big yes’, where I wasn’t invited, except for a piece of cake later that day… I guess my best friend never saw me as his close friend, but just as an old friend. I guess, again, that these are the things that happen when you become an adult. Well, I admit that even in front of this rational, understandable thought my eyes see bitter.

But hey..

But hey, despite the sad tone I put in the words above, I am so so grateful to have tons of great and lovely memories with him: it was my pleasure and honour to spend the childhood with him.

We grew up, we walked along together for so many years and we made so many silly things I can’t even start counting them. That was truly special, and I don’t care if it’s over and we are distant now: somehow, somewhere there is a thread ready for us to be hold again all the time.

When we were fifteen we used to spend all Winter Sundays hiding in his basements. We could stay there for hours, (like not joking 10?), without feeling like going out and get some fresh hair. We had music, the guitars and so many things to say: jokes, rants, inappropriate dramas, bullshits mainly. We basically consumed this album while in the basement, cementing our personalities. We were goofy rockstars.

The song tattooed on my mind is “Swallowed” by Bush. Basement, and grunge, are forever.

Le petit madeleine – Music version

For those who love movies, the recurrent dream is to be the protagonist in an epic film. Eventually with happy endings and lots of great action involved.
A vital matter of this movie must be the music; have you ever watched something and enjoyed its climax, like a kiss, a celebration, a goodbye, without soundtrack? Nope.
A special scene would not appear the same without music, so life, my life, without music.
I’ve started inking memories with songs back to childhood when I used to consume my parents’ vinyls and my uncle’s tapes. I must admit I’ve always been a huge fan of tapes instead of vinyl, I guess due to my goofiness or my recent anti-hipstery, but there’s nothing better than the sound of the silence in a vinyl. It is really part of the binary code inside music. And I do miss silence with the new technology.
As you can feel, I speak about music and I let my melancholic side to write; I couldn’t help it, there’s no other way to enjoy music than make it mine, many times I connect it to episodes, feelings..history, my personal movie indeed.
Back to university I learnt the word “fruition”, the act of enjoying works of art. During the adventures of the following year, whenever inspiration will occur, I am going to talk about “petite madelaine de la musique”, old and new souvenirs/fruition moments coming from that treasure called “listen to music”. First story is coming pretty soon.
Too banal to end with a stay tuned? Yes, but bear with me. And stay tuned.